Lift to live. Live to climb.

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About Dustin

Dustin Einig is a certified master ninja fitness trainer. As a competitive cyclist
and rock climber, Dustin has always persued physical endeavors that challange him.
If you want to scale steep rock walls or pedal up miles of hilly terrain,
Bodies by Dustin can get you there!

Dustin currently lives in Somerville, MA with his super strong
girlfriend, Narissa, and their awesome dog, Sammich.


My arms feel nice and swole today... I feel like I'm walking around like the hulk. Tabata workouts are def very humbling. Dusty is turning us into humble monsters! Go us!
Great workout errybody! I went home and tried to foam roll, but couldn't really support my body weight in any position required for foam rolling, so I just laid on the ground next to my foam roller.
I thought maybe I had a stomach bug. It was just my abs. Good hurt. Thanks Dustin!